Mitch Cobb, CEO & Co-Founder at UpStreet Craft Brewing

Upstreet Brewing works to make equity and inclusion a priority in the workplace. We sat down (virtually) with CEO and Co-Founder Mitch Cobb to find out how the CCBA Diversity Survey will help guide DEI programming at Upstreet.

1. Why is diversity & inclusion a priority at Upstreet brewing?

“Diversity and inclusion is not only great for our community, it’s important for our business as a whole. We believe that diversity leads to different perspectives, ways of problem solving, and stronger, more holistic thought processes. Making diversity and inclusion a priority at Upstreet creates strong teams who feel valued, great company culture and a diverse community of loyal customers.”

2. How will the CCBA Diversity survey help you reach your DEI goals as a company?

“The CCBA Diversity Survey, most importantly, will become a benchmarking tool for us. It will allow us to see where we are, which will allow us to track how we improve over time. It will also give us valuable insights into how our team views diversity and inclusion at Upstreet, how they feel we are doing, and also help us identify areas where we need to improve. 

While diversity and inclusion has always been important to us at Upstreet, this is the first time we have undertaken a team survey like this so I am very grateful to the CCBA for undertaking this important initiative and supporting diversity and inclusion in Canadian breweries.”

3. What are the next steps after you receive your brewery’s report?

“Our hope is that we will get some great intel into how we are doing, but also get some great ideas on how we could be doing better. After we’ve had a chance to review the data collected from our team, we’re going to get to work – setting new DEI goals, implementing new ideas and tracking our progress.”