Third Party Reporting Resources

Third Party Reporting Resources

When you feel safe, confident and empowered to do so, do one of the following

1. When you are witness to harassment : Practice the five D’s of intervention in your workplace- Right to Be Bystander Intervention Training
2. When you are the victim of harrassment : Report an incident of workplace harassment, in writing, to your HR department, supervisor, someone in the company you trust. Specify that you expect them to do something to resolve the issue.
3. If you are a company or organization looking to prevent harassment and all forms of workplace misconduct, subscribe to #NotMe, the easiest and safest way for your employees to speak up and let you know about inappropriate behavior at the earliest signs— keeping your employees, your patrons and your business safer.

If you are unable to fill out a report or resolve the issue from within your company there are several options available to you:


File a bullying and harassment report to your provincial WorkSafe authority or Human Rights Tribunal:
BC: WorkSafeBC: 1.888.967.5377
AB: OHS: 1-866-415-8690
SK: Ministry of Labour: 800-567-7233
MB: SAFE WORK MB 1-855-957-7233 (dial 1)
ON: Ministry of Labour: 1-877-202-0008
QC: CNESST: 1 844 838-0808
NB: WorkSafeNB: 1 800 999-9775
NS: Human Rights Commission: 1-877-269-7699
PEI: OHS: 1-800-237-5049
NL: OHS: 1-888-729-7690
Yukon: WCB: 867-667-5450
NWT: NW Human Rights: 867-669-5575
Nunavut: HIO: 867-979-4209
Contact a lawyer specializing in Employment law:
Koskie Minsky LLP

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