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Here at Vessel, we work with beverage companies of all sizes, from all different sectors. From craft breweries to experimental CBD sodas, we’re experienced in providing aluminum beverage packaging services across the spectrum. Our integrated suite includes blank cans, SS, printed cans, PSL, mobile canning, and consultation to provide you the support needed to grow your beverage business. From our head office in Vancouver to Halifax, our services stretch across Canada and even beyond our boarder.

Shrink Sleeve: application is easy with Vessel. We manage the entire process from printer relationships, through warehousing and application to on-demand delivery, saving you time, money, and headaches. We even work closely with the best printers and suppliers across Canada to ensure you receive the best option for your business and run size. Pressure Sensitive Labelling: is a great option from Vessel whether you’re just starting out or looking to get a smaller run out the door, we can provide you with pre-applied PSL cans in low numbers on a quick turnaround. Also, they give you limitless design possibilities as they have a great reputation for small batch craft and experimental beers which brings a cultural cache to their look, and range of innovative embellishments guarantee your brand makes a lasting impact on the shelves. To find out more about our SS or PSL labels click on the link below.
Making the move to printed cans can be costly and time consuming for smaller business going it alone. Vessel can supply aluminum printed cans to customers across Canada and into the United States as we pass the economies of buying at scale on to you and provide a clear price advantage. To find out more about our printed cans click on the link below.
We provide businesses with a flexible solution when it comes to ordering blank cans; whether you need a small batch for an experimental brew, or multiple truck loads to supply all of Canada. We provide aluminum cans in standard, sleek, and slim sizes. To inquire further on our range, click on the link below.
Vessel has invested in highly experienced technicians who have canned in every situation imaginable. They understand what is required to ensure your product is packaged to the highest industry standards every time. Learn more about our mobile canning services by clicking on the link below.