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The right flavor – the one that sets you apart and makes your product truly unique – comes from quality malt. For decades, we’ve specialized in producing a wide assortment of high-quality, consistent malt. Traditional to bold or pale to dark, our malts help you deliver the high-quality flavor you expect.

As one of the world’s leading malt providers, we believe we have an obligation and opportunity to operate responsibly and sustainably while helping our craft brew customers grow and thrive.

Prairie Two-Row Pale
Prairie TWO-ROW PALE is a classic, North American base maltdesigned for consistent brewhouse performance across all styles.We work closely with our grower partners across North Americato source the best barley on the continent to make our Two-Row.High in extract, with traditional, clean flavors, and excellentfermentability, Prairie Two-Row Pale is the perfect base malt foryour creative and classic recipes.
Prairie Malted White Wheat
Crafted using only the finest, North American white wheat, PrairieMALTED WHITE WHEAT gives your beer elegant, bready flavorswith a quintessentially clean finish.This malt is as functional as it is flavorful and can be used to brighten flavors and aromas in all stylesor simply to aid in head retention and mouthfeel when used in smalleramounts. Whether you seek to provide protein for your Hazy IPA,add wonder to your Witbier, or head retention to your Hefeweizen,Prairie Malted White Wheat is ready and able to deliver the flavors andperformance you seek.
Prairie PlatinumStar Loxless Malt
PlatinumStar Loxless MALT will upend everything you thought youknew about base malt. This one of a kind, innovative malt is made withPlatinumStar barley, a LOXless varietal. LOX, or lipoxygenase, is theenzyme responsible for mediating oxidation of unsaturated fatty acidsleading to the formation of off flavors (primarily cardboard). By being LOXless,PlatinumStar LOXless Malt is proven to improve beer flavorstability,foam retention, and extend shelf life due to reduced oxidation.
Prairie Caramel 60
Prairie CARAMEL 60 is carefully kilned to impart flavors and aromasof mild caramel sweetness to your beer. This malt is as versatile as it is flavorful, and can be used in varying quantities to add a spectrum ofreddish hues to beer. We craft our Caramel 60 with balance in mind, so itcan be used in a multitude of ways whenever creativity strikes. Whether you are seeking to balance out your Märzen, beef up your Barleywine, orbask in your Cask Ale, Prairie Caramel 60 is poised to deliver the flavorsand performance you seek.