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Plexpack Corp.


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Plexpack Corp. delivers flexible packaging machinery solutions and certain results for customers worldwide. Our Emplex Bag & Pouch Sealing, Damark Shrinkwrap & Bundling, and VacPack Vacuum and Gas Sealing Systems are customizable, made-to-order with your unique needs, reputation and budget in mind. Modular and innovative designs are easy to install, maintain, and expand. They provide line and product flexibility, and ensure your packaging operations perform to the highest standards—yours.

Damark B Series - Semi-Automatic Bundlers
Damark semi-automatic shrink packaging solutions deliver cost-effective, beautifully wrapped bundles and multipacks of a wide range of supported products, including trays, cartons, bags, cans, bottles, and plastic containers. Varying in size we offer standard seal widths of 24", 34" and 44" on our semi-automatic shrinkbundlers and tray wrappers. These systems are manual feed machines with adjustable speed automatic discharge conveyors to accommodate different product lengths. When paired with a Shrink Tunnel they create attractive shrink-wrapped packages.
Damark B Series - Automatic Bundlers
Our Damark brand fully automatic shrink packaging solutions wrap bundles and multipacks of collated or uncollated products in cartons, bags,cans, bottles, plastic containers or trays to provide affordable attractive packaging solutions. Damark fully automatic shrink wrappers and bundlers are available with right angle infeed for unsupported products that require collation or with inline continuous feed for supported products and high-speed bundling.
Shrink Tunnels
Plexpack's Damark shrink tunnels in single zone, double zone, tamper-evident band, and custom models for cost-effective, consistent, and attractive shrink-wrapped packages. Our shrink tunnels produce consistent uniform shrink-wrapped packages using heavy-duty, variable speed turbo fans and heating elements. Damark systems produce excellent results for packages of all sizes, ranging from small to extra-wide, long or tall.
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