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Micro Matic USA, Inc.


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Micro Matic is dedicated to providing world-class beverage dispense equipment and solutions by focusing on unparalleled product quality and testing, innovation, on-time delivery, and world-class customer service.

Our commitment to quality is infused into every aspect of our business. We strive for excellence in product performance, value our employees and service partners, and promote causes that contribute to our communities’ well-being.

Keg Spears and Valves
Micro Matic spears are manufactured in stainless steel and are engineered for maximum strength, hygiene, and quick filling providing long-life durability in all conditions.Safety features are our top design priority toward eliminating accidental or unauthorized removal of spears or tampering that could result in injury. With color and year coding, we offer a means of segregating kegs for preventive maintenance.Micro Matic has produced more than 125 million keg spears over the last 40 years. With market-leading innovations, proven quality, and best-in-class service, Micro Matic is the trusted leader in keg spear technology.
Remote Beer Systems
Pouring the perfect pint starts with a well-built draft beer system. Our commercial draft beer systems are designed and optimized to maximize taste, quality, and profitability.As the preferred supplier of draft beer dispensing equipment to most major breweries globally, we have dedicated ourselves to improving the consumer's draft beer experience through the quality and innovation of our products.
Pro-Line Refrigeration Direct Draw
Understanding that beverage temperature is critical to dispensing a perfect beverage, we set out to manufacture the most reliable and highest quality commercial refrigeration products in the foodservice industry—and we’ve done it with Micro Matic PRO-LINE™ Refrigeration.Considering valuable input from draft beer industry specialists, top refrigeration experts, and on-premise operators, we engineered our units to deliver quality, performance, and value. With practical design solutions and attention to detail, every unit is built to last.
Keg Couplers
We understand the importance of a reliable dispensing solution and its impact on draft quality and customer satisfaction. That's why Micro Matic is the preferred supplier for most brewers and distributors globally.For confident performance, choose a keg coupler designed by the same manufacturer that supplies over 90% of the world's keg valves. Manufactured in the USA, we have a wide range of tapping heads, perfect for any beer, wine, or cider.