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Jenrey Ltd.


(416) 845-4640

Canadian based, family owned and operated.
Manufacturing & providing beverage solutions to the industry since 2009.
Specializing in small footprint tunnel pasteurizers and warmers, as well semi and fully automated keg lines.
With customer service and quality driving our innovation, we take pride in providing efficient and effective equipment to the beverage industry.

Craft Can Tunnel Pasteurizer
Pasteurization is a process of heating beer, and many other consumable products, to a temperature that will kill any living microbes without changing the chemistry or flavour. It is used to increase shelf life and stability of a product.Our craft can pasteurizers offer some of the smallest footprints in the industry and are priced competitively. Every system is built to order and tailored to run at your specific throughput to reach the desired target Pasteurization units.
Craft Can Warmer
Jenrey Ltd. Craft Can Warmer is designed and built to significantly reduce and eliminate moisture and condensation on your cans after filling.This will ensure the final packaging is condensate free and will avoid any chance of bacteria growth and maintain the full integrity of the packaging for shipping and distribution.
Semi-Auto Keg Washer / Filler
Built for clean and fill any size keg using best practices. Equip with touch screen controls and 3 tanks for Caustic, Acid & recovered water to minimize waster and maximize efficiency.
Fully Automated Keg Lines
Built with the production capacity that can range from 40 to 120 kegs per hour. The entire RF series can be supplied on request with variable length input and output roller or motorized belts, external washers, balance, turners and stackers, all depending on the automation required for the system that best suits your needs.