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Kyle Smith is a consultant for the beverage industry helping companies such as Black Lab Brewing Company, Escarpment Yeast, and Stonehooker Brewing Company through the process of opening and expanding their facilities. Holding a Bachelor of Engineering Science from The University of Western Ontario with a specialization in Biochemical and Environmental Processes, and currently working towards a Master’s of Brewing and Distilling Sciences from the University of Heriot-Watt.

Brewery Planning & Expansion
Thinking of starting up your own craft brewery? How about expanding the one that you already have? Please follow the link and fill out the form below to receive a FREE PDF of the steps towards building a brewery.
Equipment Design & Sourcing
Let us know what your dreams are and we can see how it's possible to make them a reality! Please fill out the form below so that we can reach out and determine what sort of equipment will help further your beverage production goals. Not sure where to start? We'll guide you with any of the following areas: Beverage Equipment Selection, Custom Solution Design, Domestic and Overseas Sourcing, Replacement Parts and Long Term Care
Product Development
Do you need a hand on developing a new product? What about bringing an old classic to contemporary tastes? Whatever your company is trying to figure out, let us know and we can figure out the best way to set a new bar.
Quality & Process Review
Every once in a while, we hit a snag. Something doesn't run right, a step takes too long, or a product just isn't what it used to be. Please give us a shout and we hope to assist you in whatever way we can to make your workweek shorter.