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Coding onto your cans and bottles may be a legal requirement these days but it can also have a positive impact on your overall business. The perfect code can help set your beer apart from others when it is on the shelf and there are a number of things you should consider when creating your unique code to help embody the ethos of your brand. For over 40 years, Domino has perfected the understanding and the technologies to deliver best-in-class coding and marking and overall traceable codes.

The reinvention of CIJ printers for inkjet coding
Ink Jet Coding is ideal for Craft Brewers and what better way to handle the new legislation requirements for coding, than with Domino's Ax-Series coding technology? The Ax is proven itself as the most reliable and consistent technology on the market today, ensuring your traceable codes are present and compliant. Minimize downtime. Focus on your production, and leave the date codes to the experts.
Find out why Craft Brewers, like you, put their trust in Domino
While we here at Domino know our coding technologies deliver the most consistent and reliable traceable codes around, we prefer to show you. We have put together a few testimonial videos highlighting just some of the many successes we have within the craft brewing sector. Cheers to working with a supplier who truly understands what you need today, and future-proofing for tomorrow.
The Craft Brewers Guide to Coding
Crack the code with this new Domino Guide.We know that coding your beer can become a challenge sometimes… And we also know it’s probably the last thing you want to worry about. How do I print on glass? Where do I have to place the printer on the production line? Is my code compliant? Shall I buy it or lease it?This guide answers the most common coding and marking questions from Craft Beer producers. Our experts worked closely with independent brewers to understand their struggles and create a document that makes their lives easier.
Ready to up the ante with your date coding? Enter the F720i Fibre Laser
Talk about future proofing! This little gem codes up to 100,000 cans per hour so as your empire grows, this laser can grow with those demands.Domino understands your needs and has designed a turnkey solution specifically for your beverage production environment: the Beverage Can Coding System. The system includes the industry-leading F720i Fibre Laser.Now, beverage plants have the opportunity to have perfect traceability codes on every can with almost zero maintenance and no fluids required. The laser is a simple solution, which once running, becomes an almost invisible piece of technology.