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Cask Global Canning Solutions


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Cask provides innovative and affordable canning systems to the world’s small and medium-sized creators of craft beer, cider, wine, cold brewed coffee, kombucha and other life-enhancing beverages.

Cask is a fourth-generation family business, based in Calgary, Canada. We have 1,600+ customer in 65 countries – Our customers drive us to put quality at the center of everything we do and inspire us to keep building great partnerships for many generations to come.

ACS Mobile - Mobile Automated Canning System
The 40 can/min ACS Mobile canning system measures in at just under 88". It's impossibly compact without sacrificing speed, quality or operator-friendly automation features. This system is specifically designed to be a Mobile Canning dream, but it's truly ideal for any tight space.
mACS - Micro-Automated Canning System
Micro-canning's most flexible canning system. The 25 can/min mACS offers full automation and add-on capabilities at an affordable cost. Cask's proprietary fill technology ensures the lowest Dissolved Oxygen pick-up on the market and product waste below 1%, so you are confident in the product you're putting on the shelf.
ACS V5 - Automated Canning Systems V5
The ACS V5 takes the speed up to 40 cans/min and includes industry-leading automation like an in-line weigh scale, auto-reject function, and real time trending data on the HMI that allows operators to adjust each individual fill head on the fly. It's the ultimate micro-canning system for speed, ease, and sophisticated automation.
ACS FleX2 - Automated Canning System FleX2
The 100 can/min ACS FleX2 offers incredible packaging flexibility at speeds you would otherwise need to spend commercial rotary system prices for. Quick can size changeover and compatibility with nearly every can size, food-grade stainless steel fill heads, and easy recipe memory make packaging any craft beverage easy.