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BarSight Systems


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BarSight Restaurant Systems is a Canadian software developer that strives to save money and time for breweries, wineries, and others in the craft beverage industry. With time-saving features for both your taproom and production operations, such as employee management and onboarding, manager log books, and inventory management.

Employee Scheduling
Spend less time building your employee schedule, on average about 7 minutes is all that's needed. Your estimated labor cost and hours are generated instantly as you modify the schedule. BarSight will also integrate with your POS system, giving you a forecast of your daily sales, so you can make sure your schedule is on budget.
Accounts Payable
Keep track of your invoices and petty cash entries with only a few clicks. All entries are searchable to look up vendor and purchase history. It's easy to use, validates to prevent double entries, and generates reports for a streamlined process.
Employee Training
On-boarding your new employees and keeping your existing staff up-to date on new policies and procedures is simple with BarSights' online training program. Design your own modules with text, images, or videos for your staff to complete. Each module can contain multiple choice questions to test your employees knowledge. All results are compiled and able to be reviewed by your management team.
Production Inventory
Ditch the spreadsheets and start monitoring your brewery production schedule with BarSight. You'll be able to create/import recipes, track ingredient usage by lot, preview your forecasted raw ingredient levels, track sales, all from your desk or mobile phone.