Independence Matters

The Independent Craft Seal is a seal of authenticity that indicates the beer you’re drinking has been developed and produced by a small, independent Canadian craft brewer.

The Five Pillars of Craft

The seal consists of five graphic symbols, each one representing a key attribute of the craft brewing culture.

Pride & Passion

Banner: A declaration of the pride and passion that craft brewers bring to their job every day.


Shield: To represent the craft brewer’s independence from any influence that would compromise the brewery’s core values.

Community Building

Brewery: A beacon of community pride and local economic stimulation, craft brewers reinvest in their communities and in some cases revive them.

Taste Innovation

Fermenter: Experimentation breeds innovation, and the fermenter represents the craft brewers endless search for new taste experiences.


Hop Bud: A symbol of the quality ingredients that go into every craft beer, locally sourced wherever possible.

About The Seal

Look closely and you will see each of the symbols representing the Five Pillars of Craft reflected in the Independent Craft Seal.

The Seal tells the consumer that they are not only buying a great beer with natural ingredients but they are also supporting an independently owned Canadian small business that supports local and gives back to its community.

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