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Grow your business & expand the industry

Join a network of hundreds of companies and thousands of people in every province and territory who are working to expand and enrich Canada’s craft beer industry. CCBA-AMBC membership offers many benefits to help your business grow and succeed, including access to industry research, promotional opportunities and cost savings programs.

Who can join?

Breweries and Brewpubs

Membership in the Canadian Craft Brewers Association is open to breweries and brewpubs in Canada that are members of their provincial craft brewers association.


Membership is also open to any company or individual that supplies products or services to our industry, or who otherwise supports the CCBA’s objectives.

Stronger Together.

By joining the newly-formed CCBA, you become a founding member of the Association and will work alongside your fellow members to support the continued growth of our industry.

Why Become A Member?

  • Add your voice to the industry advocacy work being done in Ottawa
  • Support the ongoing development of member programs
  • Be recognized on the CCBA website and social media as a founding member
  • Get access to member-only content, resources and offerings
  • Get early access to private industry data and targeted research
  • Receive preferred rates on advertising and sponsorship opportunities
  • Get invitations to exclusive industry events with access to decision-makers

Become a member and get the Seal!

CCBA Brewery Members are eligible to purchase an annual license to use the Independent Craft Seal on their labels.

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