Membership in the Canadian Craft Brewers Association is open to provincial craft beer associations, of which there is one in every province; independent craft breweries, of which there are over 700 in Canada including every province and territory; and supplier and service provider partners, who form an essential part of the growing craft beer ecosystem.

The CCBA presently has three membership types:

1. Provincial Craft Brewer Associations

Each provincial association will elect a representative to sit on the board of directors of the CCBA-AMBC.

2. Canadian Craft Breweries

A craft brewery is automatically a member of the CCBA-AMBC if they are a full brewery member of their provincial association (if a provincial association does not exist, a craft brewery may apply directly to the CCBA-AMBC for membership). Craft breweries will elect a representative in each of five geographic regions to serve on the board of directors of the CCBA-AMBC.

3. Associate Members

Any company, trade association, educational institution or individual that acts in the interests of the CCBA-AMBC and supports the objectives of the CCBA-AMBC may apply to become an associate member of the CCBA-AMBC.

Benefits of Membership


If you are a member of your provincial Association you are automatically a member of the Canadian Craft Brewers Association. Congratulations! You now have access to the following:

  • Use of the Canadian Independent Craft Seal to show your customers that they are drinking authentic Canadian craft beer from one of their favourite craft breweries!
  • Participation in the Gemini Benchmarking System, a subscription service available to all craft breweries but offered to CCBA member breweries at a discount. The system will be launched in the fall of 2019.
  • Access to the National Craft Brewers Information Database, with searchable modules including craft brewery profiles and contacts, industry suppliers catalogue, annual industry statistics, national beer media contact guide, provincial liquor authorities import rules, and more.

All of these programs are presently under development. To follow their progress and be alerted to key dates, join our newsletter list.

Benefits of Membership

Supplier & Service Provider Partners

By becoming an Associate Member of the Canadian Craft Brewers Association you will receive the following benefits:

  • Recognition on the CCBA-AMBC website
  • A listing in the CCBA-AMBC Preferred Supplier catalogue (under development)
  • Use of the “CCBA Supplier Partner” logo for your marketing materials to indicate your membership in the Association and support for the Canadian craft beer industry
  • Membership in the CCBA Suppliers Circle, a chapter of the Association for our supplier partners, featuring quarterly dinners with CCBA-AMBC executives and board members.
  • Preferred status and pricing for all national events, festivals and sponsorship opportunities
  • Exclusive invitation to the CCBA Annual General Meeting of the members, a once-per-year opportunity to meet with provincial association leaders and key breweries from every province in Canada

Stay Up To Date

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