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3 BrasseursBrewery
33 Acres Brewing Co.Brewery
5 Paddles Brewing CoBrewery
9 Mile Legacy Brewing Co. Ltd.Brewery
948 Brewing Company Ltd.Brewery
À la Fût, Coop de travail brassicoleBrewery
A-FRAME Brewing CompanyBrewery
Alberta Small Brewers AssociationBrewery
All or Nothing BrewhouseBrewery
Alley Kat Brewing CompanyBrewery
Analog Brewing CompanyBrewery
Andina Brewing CompanyBrewery
Annapolis Brewing CompanyBrewery
Auberge Sutton BrouërieBreweryVisit Profile
Avant-Garde artisans brasseursBreweryVisit Profile
Backcountry BrewingBreweryVisit Profile
Backroads Brewing Co.BreweryVisit Profile
Bad Tattoo Brewing Co. Ltd.BreweryVisit Profile
Barkerville Brewing Co.BreweryVisit Profile
Barley Station Brew PubBrewery
Barnside Brewing Co.Brewery
Bearhill BrewingBrewery
Beau's Brewing CompanyBrewery
Beauregard brasserie distillerieBrewery
Bedondaine & Bedons RondsBrewery
Bell City Brewing CompanyBrewery
Bench Brewing CompanyBreweryVisit Profile
Big Rig BreweryBrewery
Big Rock BrewingBreweryVisit Profile
Big Spruce BrewingBreweryVisit Profile
Black Bridge BreweryBrewery
Blind Enthusiasm Brewing CompanyBrewery
Blindman BrewingBrewery
Block Three Brewing Co.BreweryVisit Profile
BNA Brewing Co.Brewery
Bobcaygeon Brewing CoBreweryVisit Profile
Bogside BrewingBrewery
Boomstick Brewing CoBrewery
Bootleg BiologyAssociate
Boswell Brasserie ArtisanaleBrewery
Boxing Rock Brewing Company LimitedBrewery
Brasserie Artisanale La KorriganeBrewery
Brasserie de la Contrée, coop de solidaritéBrewery
Brasserie Isle de GardeBrewery
Brasserie L'Espace publicBrewery
Brasserie rurale 11 comtésBrewery
Brasseurs du MondeBrewery
Brasseurs du MoulinBrewery
Brasseux d'la CoteBreweryVisit Profile
Breakwall Brewing CompanyBrewery
Breton Brewing CompanyBreweryVisit Profile
Brew CultureBrewery
Brewhall Beer Co.Brewery
Bricklayer BrewingBrewery
Bridge Brewing CompanyBrewery
BSG CanadaAssociate
Burley & Griffin Industrial Inc.Associate
Cabin Brewing CompanyBrewery
Callister Brewing Co.Brewery
CAMP Beer Co.Brewery
Canada Kegs & Packaging Inc.Associate
Canmore Brewing Company Ltd.Brewery
Cannery BrewingBrewery
Canoe BrewpubBrewery
Cask Global Canning SolutionsAssociate
Catapult Brewing CompanyBrewery
Category 12 BrewingBrewery
Central City Brewers & DistillersBrewery
Cicerone® Certification ProgramAssociateVisit Profile
Citizen Brewing CompanyBrewery
Clifford Brewing Co.Brewery
Clocktower BrewpubBrewery
Coast Mountain BrewingBrewery
Collective Arts BrewingBrewery
Container Brewing Ltd.BreweryVisit Profile
Copper Bottom BrewingBrewery
Cowbell Brewing CoBrewery
Cowtown Brewing CoBrewery
Dageraad BrewingBrewery
Dead Frog BreweryBrewery
Deep Dark Wood Brewing CompanyBrewery
Dockside BrewingBrewery
Dog Island BrewingBrewery
Domino Printing SolutionsAssociateVisit Profile
Durham Brewing Co.Brewery
Elevation 57 BrewingBrewery
Electric Bicycle BrewingBrewery
ERB EquipmentAssociate
Farm Country Brewing Inc.Brewery
Farnham Ale & LagerBrewery
Fenelon Falls Brewing Co.Brewery
Fernie Brewing CompanyBreweryVisit Profile
Firehall Brewery Inc.Brewery
First Key ConsultingAssociateVisit Profile
Fixed Gear Brewing Co.Brewery
Foamers' Folly Brewing Corp.Brewery
Foghorn Brewing CompanyBrewery
Four Fathers BrewingBrewery
Four Rivers Brewing Co.Brewery
Four Winds Brewing ColBrewery
Full Beard Brewing Co.Brewery
Fuggles & Warlock CraftworksBrewery
GainsbourgBreweryVisit Profile
Good Mood BreweryBrewery
Gorman & Smith Beverage EquipmentAssociateVisit Profile
Grand River BrewingBrewery
Great Lakes BreweryBreweryVisit Profile
Great Little Box CompanyAssociateVisit Profile
Griendel Brasserie ArtisanaleBrewery
Grimross Brewing Corp.Brewery
The Grizzly Paw Brewing CompanyBrewery
Haliburton Highlands BrewingBrewery
Hard Knox Brewery Inc.Brewery
Henderson Brewing CompanyBrewery
Hard Knox Brewery Inc.Brewery
Herald Street Brew Works Ltd.Brewery
High Key Brewing Co.Brewery
High Park BreweryBrewery
High River Brewing CompanyBrewery
Highlander Brew CoBrewery
Hops ConnectAssociate
Iron Rock Brewing Co.BreweryVisit Profile
Jackknife BrewingBrewery
Junction BreweryBrewery
Keg Logistics LLCAssociate
Kilter Brewing Co.Brewery
KPU Brew Lab | Kwantlen Polytechnic UniversityBrewery
Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU)Brewery
La BarberieBrewery
Lagabière microbrasserie Inc.Brewery
Lake of Bays Brewing Company LimitedBreweryVisit Profile
Lakeland Brewing CompanyBrewery
Lallemand BrewingBrewery
Le Bilboquet MicrobrasserieBrewery
Le Saint-FutBrewery
Left Field Brewery IncBrewery
Les Brasseurs de MontebelloBrewery
Les Brasseurs du Nord Inc.Brewery
Les Brasseurs du Petit-Sault inc.BreweryVisit Profile
Les Brasseurs GMTBrewery
Les Trois MousquetairesBrewery
Lone Oak Brewing Co.BreweryVisit Profile
Long Bay Brewing LtdBrewery
Lunn's Mill Beer Company LtdBrewery
MacLean's Ales Inc.Brewery
Magnotta BreweryBrewery
Marda Loop BrewingBrewery
Medicine Hat BrewingBrewery
Micro MaticAssociate
Microbrasserie 4 OriginesBreweryVisit Profile
Microbrasserie au Frontibus Inc.Brewery
Microbrasserie Aux Fous BrassantBrewery
Microbrasserie CharlevoixBrewery
Microbrasserie de la Côte-du-SudBrewery
Microbrasserie Dieu du Ciel IncBrewery
Microbrasserie du LièvreBrewery
Microbrasserie du SaguenayBrewery
Microbrasserie L'HermiteBrewery
Microbrasserie La Chasse PinteBrewery
Microbrasserie La Forge du Malt inc.Brewery
Microbrasserie La Souche Inc.BreweryVisit Profile
Microbrasserie La VeilléeBrewery
Microbrasserie Le BockAleBreweryVisit Profile
Microbrasserie Le CastorBrewery
Microbrasserie le Coureur des boisBreweryVisit Profile
Microbrasserie Le FermentorBreweryVisit Profile
Microbrasserie Le Malbord inc.Brewery
Microbrasserie Le PresbytèreBrewery
Microbrasserie Le ProspecteurBrewery
Microbrasserie Le Secret des DieuxBreweryVisit Profile
Microbrasserie Maltstrom Inc.Brewery
Microbrasserie Moulin 7 Inc.Brewery
Microbrasserie Pit CaribouBrewery
Microbrasserie ShawbridgeBrewery
Microbrasserie St-Pancrace inc.Brewery
Microbrasserie TadoussacBrewery
Microbrasserie Trois-LacsBrewery
Minhas Micro BreweryBrewery
Moth Lane BrewingBrewery
Mount Arrowsmith Brewing CompanyBrewery
Mt. Begbie Brewing Company Ltd.Brewery
Muddy York Brewing Co.Brewery
Muskoka BreweryBrewery
Neighbourhood BrewingBrewery
Nelson Brewing CompanyBreweryVisit Profile
New Maritime Beer CompanyBrewery
New Ontario Brewing Company Inc.BreweryVisit Profile
Noire et Blanche Inc.Brewery
Northern Superior Brewing Co.Brewery
Nunavut Brewing Company Ltd.Brewery
NWT Brewing CompanyBrewery
O quai des brasseursBrewery
O'Creek BrewingBrewery
Odd Company BrewingBrewery
Old Credit Brewing Co. Ltd.BreweryVisit Profile
Old Yale BrewingBreweryVisit Profile
Olds College BreweryBrewery
Over Time Beer Works Ltd.Brewery
Overhop Brewing Co.Brewery
Paddock Wood Brewing Co.Brewery
Paddy's BrewpubBreweryVisit Profile
Persephone Brewing CoBrewery
Perth Brewery LtdBrewery
Picaroons Brewing Co.Brewery
Pie Braque MicrobrasserieBrewery
Pile O' Bones Brewing CompanyBreweryVisit Profile
Prairie Dog Brewing Canada Inc.BreweryVisit Profile
Prairie MaltAssociate
Prospero Equipment (Canada) Ltd.Brewery
Pit CaribouBrewery
Rahr MaltingAssociate
Railway City BrewingBrewery
Railyard BrewingBrewery
Ramblin' Road Brewery FarmBrewery
Rapid Ascent Brewing CompanyBrewery
Ras L'BockBrewery
Ravens Brewing Company Inc.Brewery
Rebellion Brewing CoBrewery
Riot Brewing Co.Brewery
Route 19 BrewingBrewery
Royal City Brewing CoBrewery
Russell Brewing CoBrewery
S.Y.C Brewing Co.Brewery
Saltbox Brewing CompanyBrewery
Sawdust City Brewing Company IncBrewery
Schoolhouse BreweryBrewery
Sea Level BrewingBrewery
Shawn & Ed Brewing CompanyBreweryVisit Profile
Sherwood Mountain Brewhouse Ltd.Brewery
Siding 14 Brewing CoBrewery
Signal Brewing CompanyBrewery
Silver Valley BrewingBrewery
Sleeping Giant Brewing CoBrewery
SNO Microbrasserie NordikBreweryVisit Profile
Spearhead Brewing CompanyBrewery
Spindrift Brewing CompanyBrewery
Spinnakers Gastro Brewpub & GuestHousesBrewery
Steel & Oak Brewing Co.Brewery
Stonehooker Brewing CompanyBreweryVisit Profile
Storm BrewingBrewery
Strange Fellows BrewingBrewery
Stronghold Brewing Co.Brewery
Swans BreweryBrewery
Tailout BrewingBreweryVisit Profile
Tanner & Co. BrewingBrewery
Tatamagouche Brewing CompanyBrewery
Taylight BrewingBrewery
Tête d’Allumette MicrobrasserieBrewery
The CapBrewery
The Grizzly Paw Brewing CompanyBrewery
The Growlery Beer Co.Brewery
The Parkside BreweryBrewery
The Second Wedge Brewing CompanyBrewery
The Stone Angel Brewing Co.Brewery
Thornbury Village Craft Cider and BeerBrewery
Three Ranges Brewing CompanyBrewery
Tinhouse Brewing CompanyBreweryVisit Profile
Town Site BrewingBrewery
Trading Post BrewingBreweryVisit Profile
Trans Canada Brewing CompanyBrewery
Trèfle Noir MicrobrasserieBrewery
Two Islands Brewing CompanyBrewery
Upstreet Craft BrewingBrewery
Vancouver Island BrewingBrewery
Vrooden Brewery IncBrewery
Western Newfoundland Brewing Company Ltd.Brewery
White Sails BrewingBrewery
Whitetooth Brewing Company Ltd.Brewery
Whitewater Brewing CompanyBrewery
Winterlong Brewing CompanyBreweryVisit Profile
Woodcutter's BreweryBrewery
Yakima Chief HopsAssociateVisit Profile
Yellow Dog Brewing Co.Brewery
Yellowhead Brewing CompanyBrewery
Yukon BrewingBrewery
Zenan GlassAssociateVisit Profile
Zero Issue BrewingBrewery