Brewers are not immune to the competition for labour occurring in Canada and beyond. With the growing demand for craft beer showing no signs of slowing and industry projections for continued growth, there will be an increasing demand on Canadian brewers to attract and retain good people.

Employers across all industries are looking for creative and flexible ways to ensure employees are happy, productive and engaged. While there is no magic solution for all, there are some simple, cost-effective ways to help such as a group benefits program. While it may seem out of reach for some, it doesn’t have to be that way. Here are three ways offering employee benefits can be mutually beneficial to your brewery, your people and the industry as a whole:

Collaborating with fellow breweries

Although each brewery has its own unique approach and needs, there is an advantage to coming together. Similar to pooling your expertise and knowledge on a beer collaboration, there is power in pooling benefit plans. By uniting under one CCBA plan, you’re able to support one another and gain buying power across the association. This approach provides access to a range of options and coverage that may not otherwise be possible on your own and it allows further customization to ensure maximum efficiency and effectiveness for your individual requirements.

Supporting your employees diverse needs

Employers are exploring benefit options that cover a wider spectrum of employee needs and interests to help ensure they are attractive and inclusive. In fact, many Canadian employers are beginning to broaden whom they provide benefits to with 43% offering benefits to non-full time employees in 2022. This trend is likely to continue and extend across industries, adding another layer of complexity in the war for talent. However, this is only one piece of the puzzle. In addition to offering an employee benefits plan there are several other tactics that can be used including increasing paid time off, offering group RRSP options, granting more flexible leave policies, providing learning opportunities and other low-cost perks such as team building events, paid lunches or snack days, recognition initiatives, and gift cards.

Boosting your own bottom line

The cost of hiring and losing employees can add up quickly. Some talent loss is normal and even necessary, but an excess drives up the already substantial costs of labour acquisition and training. By attracting new people to (or within) the craft beer industry and retaining the right individuals on your team, you can reduce your costs, increase engagement, boost productivity, spur innovation and provide longer-term stability for your brewery.

The importance of community is integral to craft brewing. As we face economic uncertainty alongside a challenging labour market, it is paramount to keep the people of the brewing community together and supported. By joining in a pooled group benefits plan and providing other incentives, you can help ensure unity and sustained growth in this amazing piece of the Canadian community.

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