Guest Blog from CCBA Supplier Partner BarSight

As your brewery team grows, you’ll need to communicate more efficiently between shifts and managers. Simply leaving post-it notes in the office or sending a group text message won’t cut it as an effective method of record keeping as we return to our pre-pandemic levels of business. That’s why BarSight created our digital logbook that can be accessed and updated by all your supervisors and managers within your brewery.

With a Digital Logbook, you can create a multiple forms to capture the data that is important to you. Record the daily opening/closing counts of your cash register, total sales, tip-out amounts, and general notes of day in a general daily logbook form. We also recommend creating a separate form for customer incidents and equipment maintenance logs to keep track of those specific events.

All the logbook forms can be setup to immediately email your management team to notify them of issues within the brewery, or setup on a schedule to send out at a specific time. For example, your daily logbook containing your sales, cash-out totals, and general notes, is typically setup to send out to your management team the next morning before the next shift starts. Then your opening manager has all the information of the events from the night before, right at their fingertips and is better prepared for the day.

It’s also critical to keep accurate records of any problems or repairs to your brewery and food service equipment. Making sure your staff are correctly reporting any issues with your equipment in the digital logbook, helps you keep an accurate record of failures to show the repair company. With a better description of the history of problems, you’ll be able to reduce downtime and emergency service calls.

A digital logbook certainly streamlines your record keeping process and as a bonus, can be considered a way to reduce your carbon footprint by not using paper journals anymore!

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