Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Inclusion & Anti-Discrimination Committee

The CCBA-AMBC Inclusion & Anti-Discrimination Committee was formed in 2019 to address the areas of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion in the Canadian Craft Beer Industry.

Committee Objectives: 

1. Increasing representation of marginalized groups in craft beer

2. Reducing discrimination currently faced in the industry

3. Educating on how to do better and maintain progress

4. Craft beer as a catalyst for community inclusivity

What are we working on right now?

  • DEI Change Agents Action Learning Community

    • Twice monthly 1-hour online gatherings open to anyone who self-identifies as a ‘change agent’ in the industry
    • Focus on reflection practice and supporting individuals who are doing the work in their sphere of influence
    • A safe space for learning, supporting others and holding each other accountable for moving forward
  • Educational Opportunities & Discussion Resources

    • Third Thursdays – online learning sessions with guest speakers
    • Beyond the Beer – Blog posts related to DEI and how to get past performative actions and create impact
  • Personal Values Workshops

    • A 90-minute workshop (currently offered at no charge) designed to help leaders in the industry identify their core personal values and craft a personal value statement
    • A valuable first step in undertaking the mindset change required to do DEI work as a leader and also important when trying to define or work with company values as an owner or leader
  • Jalapeño HR program: pilot project (minimum 4 months)

    • Providing small breweries with the fundamental and necessary resources to establish a strong HR structure and foundation that they can grow on 
    • Includes membership in a community with the other participating breweries to support and learn from one another
  • Benchmarking Survey

    • In 2021, the CCBA in partnership with Jalapeno Employee Engagement conducted an industry-wide benchmarking survey to assess the state of diversity, equity and inclusion in the Canadian Craft Beer Industry.
    • The key takeaways from this benchmarking survey serve as a guide for the committee’s priorities. The association intends to survey its members regularly in future years.
    • 2021 Survey Results Debrief with Jalapeno Employee Engagement: watch the video
    • Key Takeaways Summary Document – DEI Survey (EN)

Take Your Next Step

Canadian Diversity Consultant Ren Navarro: Beer Diversity

Phone: (416) 830-6516
Email: info@beer-diversity.com
Website: Beer-Diversity

Jalapeno HR Group Pilot Program

The CCBA Jalapeno Group HR Pilot Program is a way for breweries to access the benefits of HR services at an accessible rate. Benefits include:

  • Community Resources
  • Spicy Hotline Services (Two-Way)
  • Mission, Vision, Value Generation
  • 30 Min Bi-Weekly Spicy Champion Consultation
  • Employment Lifecycle Check-Up along with report generation & recommendation

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Change Agents Community

A safe space for learning, supporting others and holding each other accountable for moving forward

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