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We represent the interests of a growing industry of over 1,000 small and independent craft breweries, brewpubs and their supplier partners in every province and territory in Canada.

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Membership opening October 22

The Canadian Craft Brewers Association website is getting an exciting update! Starting October 22nd we will be offering membership to craft brewers and allied trades. We’re also excited to release the Independent Craft Seal of Authenticity™, which will be available to qualified brewers for use on labels, merchandise and promotional material. To be notified of the site launch, sign up for our newsletter below. 

Craft breweries can register to become a Brewery Member and apply for a license to use the new Independent Craft Seal of Authenticity™. If you are a member in good standing of a provincial craft beer association, or if you are a craft brewery in the territories, your application will be approved within 24 hours and you can download the graphic assets and the usage guide. You will also get access to exclusive members-only resources and programs.

Providers of products and services, as well as all industry supporters, can now join the CCBA as Associate Members. You will receive a free license to download and use the Associate Member Badge on your marketing platforms and materials, to share your affiliation with our brewery members and our industry ideals. You will also get access to your own exclusive members-only resources and programs. Visit the site to explore and compare benefits of two tiers of membership: Supplier and Supporter.

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