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Cask Shaker Unload Table and Interior Twist Rinser

Date Posted: September 6, 2022
Price: $5500

Shaker Unload Table
The table accepts one layer of cans at a time from the can pallet.
Once the layer is loaded the table is pneumatically tilted and a
vibrator feeds them on to the conveyor line. Requires the
operator to feed a layer every 13 – 15 minutes and the use of a
forklift or pallet-lifter to raise the can pallet.
Dimensions: 3’ 8 1/8’’ (W), 8’ 9 ¾” (H), 8” 6 ½”” (L)

Interior Twist Rinser
This unit is designed to take cans from our depalletizing table,
invert them for a 5 second filtered/treated water rinse followed by
a 5 second drain period and then revert them to feed on to the
can filler conveyor. Rinse cycle is controlled by the PLC of the
canning system to minimize water use. One can size per unit (473ml).

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