The Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Committee is a committee of the CCBA devoted to reducing discrimination against Black, Indigenous, POC, LGBTQ, Women, Asian Canadians, Disabled and other marginalized or discriminated-against persons. The committee was formed in the spring of 2020 in response to the Black Lives Matter Movement.

The purpose of the committee is to foster an environment of inclusion and diversity in the craft beer industry in Canada through a rigorous framework of defining objectives, benchmarking, and developing programs to meet these objectives.  

The inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Committee will engage with historically underrepresented groups in the craft beer industry at every step to ensure that the voices of these groups are heard and that these groups guide the process for making the craft beer industry in Canada diverse and inclusive.

Work to Date

Over the summer, the committee ran two focus groups with members of the craft beer community who identified as members or allies of marginalized groups. We received valuable feedback from these focus groups, providing great information to guide the direction of our work. 

We were able to identify four key objectives to guide the work of the committee:

  • Increase representation of marginalized groups in craft beer, and create more opportunities to see themselves reflected in the craft beer industry
  • Reduce discrimination currently faced in craft beer industry
  • Educate ourselves on how to do better and maintain the progress make
  • Use craft beer’s visibility in local communities as a catalyst for achieving inclusivity and diversity in the community

Next Steps

Having identified the objectives of the committee, our next step is to begin benchmarking the current reality within the Canadian craft beer industry. We will use surveys and other feedback mechanisms to set a baseline benchmark from which we can determine the future success of the committee’s work and initiatives.

While on one hand we recognize that the work of the Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Committee is an ongoing pursuit that requires dedication to slow and steady progress, we also recognize the need for action now. So we are also compiling a list of resources for craft breweries to use to help them achieve inclusive workplaces and spaces. This list will be posted on the CCBA website in the near future and kept current. To that end, if you know of any resources, training or consultants that you feel our committee should be made aware of, please forward that information to

Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination News

Experiences Canada will be running a seven-week conversation series entitled Black Lives Matter and Anti-Racism Conversations starting on October 26, 2020. This series of live events will cover a range of topics and will be produced in both French and English. It will be accompanied with discussion guides and education materials from anti-racism organizations.

For more information, check out their website: