The Canadian Craft Brewing Association is launching an industry-wide employee survey to help us understand the state of diversity, inclusivity and equity in craft beer.

This survey will serve as a baseline and help determine further action of the Inclusion and Anti-Discrimination Committee.

Survey Deadline: August 17, 2021

Survey FAQs

What is this survey and who is it for? 

It’s a project of the Canadian Craft Brewers Association to understand the state of diversity, equity and inclusion in our industry. Every member brewery is being asked to participate.

I own/run a brewery. How do I take part in the survey? 

The primary contact registered with your provincial association received an email from our third-party partner Jalapeno Employee Engagement on June 22nd. If your brewery did not receive an email, please email 

What should each brewery do? 

The leadership team should communicate to its employees that their brewery is participating in the study, and then forward the unique survey link (that was sent to you via email on June 22nd) to each employee. 

Should the management team also fill out the survey? 

Yes. The survey is for everyone at the brewery, including senior management and ownership. What kinds of questions will be asked? 

Employees will be asked demographic questions about themselves, and their opinions about the culture at the brewery, with a focus on attitudes toward diversity, equity and inclusion.

How long is the survey? 

The survey will take approximately 15 minutes to complete. 

Will I get results for my brewery? 

Yes. Surveys are anonymous for participants, but summary data will be made available to brewery management in the form of a confidential online graphical report. The report will interpret the survey results to show areas of strength and weakness. Also, you will be able to filter your report a number of different ways, and compare your brewery’s results to industry averages. 

Who else will see my brewery’s data?

No one. Your results are confidential and only the registered contact for your brewery will receive them. Raw data from across the country will be aggregated by CCBA, but without source identity. 

When can I expect to see survey results? 

Survey results for all participating breweries will be made available in the fall. How will each participant’s anonymity be protected? 

The survey software is sophisticated. If there are not a sufficient number of employees in a demographic category, those responses will not show up in the reports. Also, most questions have a “prefer not to answer” choice. 

Does the survey offer opportunities for long answer feedback? 

Yes. The survey offers participants the opportunity to provide feedback. Also, the demographic questions allow participants to write in additional categories if they feel they are not being properly or fully represented. 

What do I do after I receive my brewery’s report? 

The CCBA and its consulting partners are working on resources to guide you in taking next steps. You will have access to them prior to our releasing survey results in the fall, so you will be ready to communicate to your employees. 

What are the benefits of participating in this survey for me? 

“There is a financial imperative associated with more inclusive, equitable and just operation that we don’t need to shy away from talking about. It not only does things like increase your employee engagement and productivity, decrease turnover and training time, but it gives you access to broader populations of potential customers that you have not accessed yet.” – Dr J Jackson-Beckham, Crafted for All 

In addition to the benefits that this will lead to for your business, all breweries that complete the survey will be entered into a draw to win one of four $100 gift cards to a CCBA Preferred Supplier of their choice. 

Can I take the survey without creating an account? Can I create a dummy account to login to take the survey?

You cannot take the survey without creating an account but you can create a dummy account.

 In order to ensure we maintain high confidentiality and privacy of the data, it is important to ask the users to create an account with a protected password for the following reasons:

  • In future, you may have the option to access your company’s report which needs to be protected from the public and being shared securely internally with employees. Also, you may be able to compare your own results to the company results. Therefore, it is important to ensure the data is protected through logins while providing a platform for users to read the report confidentiality.
  • This is a long-term project with potential multiple surveys. Hence, it is important for individuals to be able to track their progress to further empower them to make a change. ONLY you will have access to your own individual data in order to track your own progress and compare yourself with the dataset.Therefore it needs to be protected with confidential username and password. 

Please be assured that your Identity is never disclosed to anyone in your organization. We only report aggregate data, only if a minimum participant threshold is met. Otherwise, the report will not be generated.

If by any chance you still don’t feel comfortable creating an account with your personal information, you can create the account using an email/name  that is not the true representation of you (as long as you can remember your username/email to access your account later). What we need your help with is honest and true data from you and your experience. The login information will remain confidential and will be used only for yourself to access reports and potential future surveys.