On June 14, 2019 Health Canada released amendments to the Cannabis Regulations that will govern the production and sale of edible cannabis, cannabis extracts and cannabis topicals. This includes cannabis beverages made from infusing non-alcoholic beer with cannabis (THC to be precise), or from fermenting wort made by mashing not grain but parts of the cannabis plant.

Cannabis infused beverages are typically made with water-soluble powdered THC which is quickly absorbed in the body, with onset times similar to alcohol. (Edibles, which use fat-soluble THC, take longer to have an effect.)

The new regulations will come into force on October 17, 2019 and will place restrictions on dosage, packaging and manufacturing of cannabis beverages, including:

  • 10mg THC per container
  • Maximum 2.1 litres (less than 5 tall boys) per consumer purchase
  • Child-resistant, plain white packaging that can not be appealing to children
  • Cannabis symbol, health warning message, THC content, ingredients list on the label
  • Can not be called “beer”, can not use an existing beer brand or company name
  • Brewery can not produce at their existing facility

Earlier this year a new industry association was formed, called the Cannabis Beverage Producers Alliance, to attempt to push back on some of the draft regulations. The CCBA is represented on the board of directors to advocate for the interests of its members.


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