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Brewery members of all provincial trade associations enjoy free, unlimited access to a range of benefits and resources

The Canadian Craft Brewers Association-Association des microbrasseries canadiennes (CCBA-AMBC) exists to promote and protect the interests of small and independent craft breweries across the country.

If you are a brewery member of your provincial trade association, you are automatically a member of the national Association. Simply register for an account with CCBA-AMBC to unlock benefits and resources that will help you succeed in the Canadian craft brewing industry.

Brewery Membership Benefits

Membership is free and unlimited to members of provincial craft brewery associations

Benefits include:

  • Recognition on the CCBA website and in the member newsletter
  • Ability to purchase a license and download the Independent Craft Seal
  • Ability to submit posts for the Association’s blog
  • Subscription to CCBA newsletter, with updates on government policy, industry trends and new products
  • Login to protected member area of the CCBA website with exclusive content

Your Membership

The CCBA does not collect membership fees from qualifying craft breweries. Part of the annual fee that breweries pay to their provincial association goes to support the work of the CCBA. Funds are deployed in these areas:

Lobby the federal government: With over 1,000 craft breweries in every part of Canada employing tens of thousands of Canadians, we are the new voice of beer in Canada. No other sector has opened up hundreds of new manufacturing facilities in rural communities in the last decade. Government needs to be educated and continually reminded of the huge positive economic impact craft breweries make to the national and local economies.

Directly support our members: Working with the provincial associations, deliver programs and tools to brewery members to assist them in the day-to-day running of their businesses, including negotiating preferred pricing with national suppliers.

Promote Canadian craft beer: Tell the story of authentic Canadian craft beer to all audiences nationally and internationally. The Independent Craft Seal of Authenticity™ is a key tool in delivering that message.

Although provincial association member breweries automatically qualify for membership in the national association, each brewery must register to receive the benefits.

Qualified CCBA Brewery Members are eligible to purchase an annual license to use the Independent Craft Seal on their labels and promotional material. Register now to be one of the first to get the seal!

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