Supporting Event Organizers with #NotMe

Beer festival season is upon us! As we go into another year or events, we are encouraging festival organizers to take measures to ensure their events are safe for participating breweries and attendees. 

We sat down with LeBaron Meyers from #NotMe, an anonymous reporting app that allows real time reporting to gain insight on how services like theirs can be part of your event safety strategy. 

How have you worked with event organizers to be part of their safety strategy?

We have events, festivals and conferences of all sizes reaching out— particularly now after a 2 year hiatus. Re-emerging into a social scene, often with alcohol, and ready to make up for lost time can be a ton of fun— so long as every person is physically and psychologically safe. So we work with event organizers to make their job easier in handling this task.

Many event organizers have developed codes of conduct and have rules in place about what constitutes misconduct and the types of behaviors that will not be tolerated.  But not giving an easy way for people to report those bad behaviors (if and when they happen) and not tracking them is an issue for event organizers. #NotMe solves that problem and has become the preferred reporting tool (like it is for employees and employers) for event organizers.  Our platform is fully customizable and super easy to roll out.  And since it is trusted by people, event organizers know people will use it when needed.

Basically, we customize the #NotMe app for event organizers and their particular events, create that unique QR code and help the organizers share it far and wide for all in attendance to have the easiest and safest way to report any inappropriate behavior at its earliest signs – anonymously if needed – to prevent issues from escalating or reoccuring. 

For attendees, it takes less than a minute to speak up, right from their phone and no one needs to stop their event experience to go find a staffer, a tent, etc. Just speak up via your #NotMe app and continue on.

For the event organizers, they now have many more eyes and ears on the ground helping them to know about a possible issue earlier. The instances reported will come through an easy-to-use report management system for their team to see in real time, track and flag trends and use to further communication with anyone who speaks up, even if they do so anonymously via a 2-way encrypted chat. 

What sorts of things should a safety plan include for a large event?

There are different levels of safety. Security and medical services for anything urgent or emergency-related maintain standard 911 protocol. For most other things, it’s about prevention and communication that relies on the participation of your crowd. So we recommend sharing the following information before and during your event:

Ahead of your event

  1. Publish an easy to find Code of Conduct on your website
  2. Have ticket buyers agree to it at the point of sale
  3. Announce your partnership with NotMe Solutions reporting platform and encourage the attendees to download the NotMe app before the event
  4. Print the NotMe app QR code on physical tickets or badges, if any

Your staff receives training on NotMe’s intuitive report management system  and other safety measures

At the event

  1. NotMe provides you with a poster design to place around the event or on screen showing your customized app QR code for easy reporting of any incidents
  2. Your trained staff remains behind the NotMe dashboard to respond to  potential reports, ready to communicate with the reporter and
  3. your staff on the floor and the authority if necessary for quick intervention

By providing something this easy to use for everyone in attendance – whether they experience or witness misconduct of any kind – it’s a huge deterrent of inappropriate remarks and behaviors just with its presence. And for those times when people do step out of line, it’s important to make the process of speaking up about it as easy and as safe as possible.

How many reports would you expect after a beer festival?

That’s hard to say. Typically only a few. But again, just by having #NotMe in place, it’s a deterrent of bad behavior. So there are some things that won’t happen that otherwise likely would simply happen.  Again, #NotMe is a strong deterrent to bad behavior. For the other things, there are various factors that come into play: how many are in attendance, whether alcohol is served, the timing of the event, lighting, environment, the values of the organization, the training of staff and more.

An event receives a misconduct report. What Next?

First thing is to be grateful that it came to you and not to social media. Review the report, show empathy to the reporter and thank that person for speaking up via the 2-way chat— something you can do whether or not they used their name or reported anonymously, and make sure the person is safe. Then do what needs to be done. That can be a wide spectrum. You may need to get a little more info and can also do that via the 2-way chat. You should then look into the issues reported. Your staff can take the necessary steps to resolve the issue at that time or potentially use that feedback for making changes to policy, procedure, etc at future events.