An Open Letter by Canada Beer Cup Head Judge Stephen Beaumont

When I began writing about Canadian craft beer in the 1990s, almost no one outside of our nation’s borders had heard of it. In my travels to the US, Europe, and beyond, I would be regularly asked whether Canada even had ‘microbreweries,’ or if we all survived on a steady diet of Mooosehead and Molson Canadian, the only Canadian beers people could name. 

In 2021, shockingly little has changed. The impact Canadian craft beer has had internationally is next to none, easily eclipsed by even such developing beer nations as Brazil, Italy, and Japan. 

Which is why I agreed to head the judging corps of the Canada Beer Cup only on the condition that I be afforded a budget for bringing in experienced and influential international judges, people like Pete Brown of the UK, America’s Kate Bernot, and Maurizio Maestrelli, the most prominent beer journalist in Italy. 

Along with other internationals like Tim Webb (UK), John Holl (US), and Jay Brooks (US), these judges will assure that the skill, innovation, and remarkable character and quality of Canadian craft beer will be conveyed to the world. But for that to happen, we need your entries. 

If you believe that the beers you brew are among Canada’s best – and what brewer does not? – then I implore you to enter the Canada Beer Cup and help me put Canadian brewing excellence on display for our visitors.  

As a bonus, the modest fees you pay will go directly to the Canadian Craft Brewers Association – Association des microbrasseries canadiennes to represent and lobby on behalf of all Canadian craft breweries in Ottawa. It is, in very real terms, a win-win, even if your beers don’t win!

If you have not, I ask that you please take a moment to have a look at the Canada Beer Cup website and style listing and consider adding your beers to the judging mix. And if you are already familiar with the competition, get your entries in before the closing deadline on December 20th

The Canada Beer Cup is a beer competition that’s about more than just gold, silver, and bronze awards. It’s about bringing Canada’s best beer to the world stage!

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