Who We Are

Promoting & Protecting Independent Craft

Stronger Together

The CCBA-AMBC exists to promote and protect the interests of over 1,200 small and independent Canadian craft breweries, brewpubs and their supplier partners. We are constituted as a federation of provincial craft brewers associations. Our brewery members are from every province and territory in Canada.

Mission Statement

Empower, Educate, Advocate

The Canadian Craft Brewers Association (CCBA) is dedicated to empowering our vibrant and diverse community of small and independent craft breweries by educating and advocating for fair and favourable national policies, rules, and regulations, ensuring a vibrant future for craft brewing in Canada.

Vision Statement

Promote and Protect with a Unified Voice, Fostering Community and Belonging

Our vision for the Canadian Craft Breweries Association (CCBA) is to promote and protect the interests of craft breweries across the nation, providing a unified voice that resonates within the industry and beyond. We envision a future where our community thrives, where members feel a strong sense of belonging, and where the craft brewing culture is cherished and celebrated.

Values Statement

Transparency. Innovation. Community.

The CCBA’s values are rooted in, transparency, innovation, and community. 

  1. Transparency: We hold ourselves to a high standard of authenticity in our actions and decisions, which in turn nourishes trust within our community and among our partners. We believe in open and honest communication, taking pride in acknowledging both our achievements and the obstacles we encounter.
  2. Innovation: We encourage creativity, exploring the art of the possible in finding new paths forward to advance Canada’s craft brewing industry.
  3. Community: We find strength in numbers, listening attentively and actively to seek insights and contributions from our craft brewing community. This collective approach drives us to embrace inclusivity, collaboration and reinforces the power of unity in propelling our shared goals forward.

Our Mandate

1. Educate and lobby the federal government.

The CCBA-AMBC represents breweries in all ten provinces and all three territories in Canada. It is the true voice of Canadian beer. In areas of federal taxation, inter-provincial trade, import/export policy and growth investment, the CCBA-AMBC keeps the unique contributions of Canadian craft breweries visible to decision-makers in Ottawa.

2. Contribute to the operational excellence of our members.

The CCBA-AMBC delivers programs and tools to its provincial association members to help them be more effective, and to help their member breweries improve operational efficiency.

3. Promote Canadian craft beer.

Promote authentic Canadian craft beer to all audiences nationally and internationally.


The CCBA-AMBC is governed by a board of directors made up as follows:

One board member representing each of the ten provincial associations, elected by each association’s board; and

One board member representing craft breweries from each of the five geographic regions of Canada, elected by the breweries in each region:

  • Western Provinces
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic Provinces
  • The Territories

Definition of Canadian Craft Brewery

A Canadian Craft Brewery is a distinct category within the brewing industry characterized by its commitment to producing high-quality, innovative, and unique beer offerings. To qualify as a Canadian Craft Brewery, the following criteria must be met:

  1. Ownership: Canadian Craft Breweries are at least 75% Canadian owned and operated, maintaining autonomy and control over their brewing processes, business decisions, and creative direction. They are independent and not controlled or significantly influenced by large-scale, foreign-owned interests.
  2. Size: Canadian Craft Breweries are typically of a smaller scale, with an annual production capacity of up to 500,000 hectoliters (HL) per year. This limitation on size ensures a focus on craftsmanship, artisanal brewing techniques, and a dedication to producing beer with distinct flavours and characteristics.
  3. License: Canadian craft breweries must be licensed to brew beer by a provincial or territorial authority and hold a valid Canadian excise duty license.

These criteria collectively define a Canadian Craft Brewery as an authentic and locally rooted brewing establishment dedicated to the art of craft brewing, fostering innovation, community engagement, and a commitment to producing exceptional beer for the enjoyment of consumers across Canada and beyond.

To help consumers identify authentic, independent craft beer, we’ve developed the Independent Craft Seal of Authenticity™. Learn more about this exciting new program.

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