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The CCBA-AMBC exists to promote and protect the interests of the 700+ small and independent Canadian craft breweries.

We are constituted as a federation of provincial craft brewers associations. Our brewery members are from every province and territory in Canada.

Our mandate has three components:

1. Educate and lobby the federal government.

The CCBA-AMBC represents breweries in all ten provinces and all three territories in Canada. It is the true voice of Canadian beer. In areas of federal taxation, inter-provincial trade, import/export policy and growth investment, the CCBA-AMBC keeps the unique contributions of Canadian craft breweries visible to decision-makers in Ottawa.

2. Contribute to the operational excellence of our members.

The CCBA-AMBC delivers programs and tools to its provincial association members to help them be more effective, and to help their member breweries improve operational efficiency.

3. Promote Canadian craft beer.

Promote authentic Canadian craft beer to all audiences nationally and internationally.


The Canadian Craft Brewers Association – Association des Microbrasseries Canadiennes (CCBA-AMBC) exists to promote and protect the interests of small and independent craft breweries across the country.

Each province of Canada has a trade association dedicated to supporting its craft brewery members. Activities include educating and lobbying provincial governments, providing programs to assist members in achieving operational excellence, and promoting the sector’s products and principles to the beer-drinking public.

Until now the craft brewers of Canada, made up of over 700 breweries and over 10,000 employees, have had no unified voice and tangible presence to represent their interests in Ottawa. The CCBA-AMBC was launched to fill that void.


The CCBA-AMBC will be governed by a board of directors made up as follows:

One board member representing each of the ten provincial associations, elected by each association’s board; and

One board member representing craft breweries from each of the five geographic regions of Canada, elected by the breweries in each region: 

  • Western Provinces
  • Ontario
  • Quebec
  • Atlantic Provinces
  • The Territories
Board Members
The Provincial Association board members are:

Ken Beattie, BC Craft Brewers Guild

Mike McNeil, Alberta Small Brewers Association

Kari Stenson, Saskatchewan Craft Brewers Association

John Heim, Manitoba Brewers Association

Scott Simmons, Ontario Craft Brewers

Marie-Eve Myrand, L’Association des microbrasseries du Québec

Kirk Cox, Craft Brewers Association of Nova Scotia

Andre Leger, New Brunswick Craft Alcohol Producers Association

Mitch Cobb, PEI Craft Brewers Alliance

Justin Fong, Newfoundland and Labrador Craft Beer Association

The regional brewery board members are:

Western Canada breweries: Chloe Smith, Townsite Brewing Co., Powell River, BC

Canadian Territories breweries: Bob Baxter, Yukon Brewing Co., Whitehorse, YK

Ontario breweries: Steve Beauchesne, Beau’s Brewing Co., Vankleek Hill, ON

Quebec breweries: Frederick Tremblay, Microbrasserie Charlevoix, Baie-Saint, Paul, QC

Atlantic Canada breweries: Emily Tipton, Boxing Rock Brewing Co., Shelburne, NS

Rick Dalmazzi, partner in Sawdust City Brewery and member of the board of the Ontario Craft Brewers Association, will serve as Acting Executive Director of the CCBA-AMBC.

What is Craft?

There is no universal definition of a craft brewery. Each provincial craft brewers association in Canada defines eligibility slightly differently, but all use the same guiding principles:

  • The brewery holds a license from the Government of Canada to produce beer.
  • The brewery is small. No craft brewery in Canada produces more than 400,000 hectolitres of beer, and the vast majority produce less than 2,000 hectolitres.
  • The brewery is independently owned. No controlling shareholder is a large beverage alcohol company.

However, this technical definition does not accurately reflect the essence of craft brewing.

The CCBA-AMBC represents companies and employees that embody a culture shaped by a belief in authenticity, community and environmental responsibility. Craft brewing is not a job, it’s a passion for producing the best possible product for customers who appreciate quality, freshness and flavour. Craft breweries are independently owned and operated. They reinvest in their communities and in many cases revitalize them.

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