The Voice of Canadian Craft Beer

We represent the interests of a growing industry of over 1,000 small and independent craft breweries, brew pubs and their supplier partners in every province and territory in Canada.

Coast to Coast to Coast to Craft

The CCBA-AMBC unites craft brewers from every province and territory in Canada. Breweries that are members of their provincial craft beer association are automatically members of the national association.

Independence Matters

Craft beer lovers enjoy the taste of the beer they drink, but they also want to know the story behind it. And we enjoy telling that story. It’s all part of a culture of authenticity and true appreciation for the craft.

We’ve developed a symbol of that culture, a hallmark to indicate that the beer you’re drinking has been developed and brewed by a trusted Canadian craft brewer. It’s called the Independent Craft Seal, and if you see it on a can or bottle, you’ll know that what you’re drinking is authentic Canadian craft beer.

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